Payment Options

Your Payments, Your way

At Munhall Energy, we understand there’s no single “right” way to purchase heating oil. The energy market can be unpredictable and every heating oil delivery customer has unique budgeting needs. This is why we offer different payment plans, so that you can choose what works best for you. Whatever payment plan or process you decide on, you can trust Munhall Energy to deliver the best options.

Price Cap

While no one can predict exactly how high or low the price of oil will be, our Price Cap Protection Plan can help stabilize and limit your energy costs despite market fluctuation.

  • First, we determine a ceiling limit and limitless bottom cost.
  • If the price per gallon dips below your ceiling limit, you pay the
    lower rate.
  • However high prices rise, you will never pay above the fixed
    ceiling limit.

Fixed Price

Eliminate the surprise of monthly fuel bills. With our Fixed Price option, you can “lock in” the price you pay during the entire program year. You can select the number of gallons you wish to purchase and pre-pay at the beginning of the program. The gallons that you purchased will be delivered throughout the year.

We know that choosing a payment plan is an important decision and that you will likely have questions. We are here to help choose the best plan for your unique needs! Contact us or call 617-924-4000 for additional information.

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