Oilheat Facts

Oilheat is economical. Oilheat is the best value for home heating in Massachusetts nearly every year. The Bay State has excellent access to supply, and there are hundreds of dealers competing for business, so the price is generally very favorable compared to other fuels. If you adjust for inflation, the price of heating oil is actually less than it was in 1980. And according to the Energy Information Administration, consumers are spending less of their disposable income on oil and energy than they did in 1981.

Oilheat is environmentally friendly. Residential Oilheat equipment creates such a negligible amount of emissions that heating oil is not even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. Oil storage tanks do not pose a threat to the environment because Oilheat is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable. Oilheat is a liquid that transports safely, unlike utility gas, which is a powerful ozone destroyer that leaks from aging and damaged pipelines.

Oilheat has a clean, green future. Massachusetts is replacing Oilheat with Bioheat®, a blend of traditional Oilheat and biofuel made from plants and food byproducts. Bioheat burns cleaner than traditional Oilheat and draws on a renewable supply. Tomorrow's blend of reduced-sulfur Oilheat and biofuel "may well become the preferred fuel for lowering greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.," according to the Energy Research Center.

Oilheat is efficient. Efficiency ratings of new Oilheat appliances range from 83% to 95%. Heating efficiency is the amount of usable heat extracted from the potential energy of the fuel. Oilheat is an efficiency leader. Oilheat also burns hotter than competing fuels, so it heats domestic hot water more quickly.

Oilheat is safe. It takes an advanced, high-tech burner to ignite the oil. If you drop a match into heating oil, it will go out as if dropped into water. Also, the possibility of carbon monoxide entering the home from an oil burner is very low.

Oilheat is convenient: With heating oil, you have control over your heat. Oilheat customers have their fuel source stored safely in a corrosion-resistant storage tank on their property and do not have to worry about disruptions in their fuel supply.

Oilheat is dependable: There are over 50 oil-producing countries from which we get our imports, and the U.S. is not dependent on any one country or region for its supply. In addition, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in the United States has a capacity of 727 million barrels - the world's largest emergency oil stockpile.

Oilheat is about choice: Oilheat dealers offer customers a variety of valuable services - automatic delivery, service agreements, budget plans, plus the latest in heating equipment.

Oilheat means personal service: Munhall provides courteous, prompt, personal attention!

Electric vs. Oilheat
If you now heat by electricity, you can save a lot of money by switching to a Munhall Oilheat system. Oilheat is far less expensive than electricity, so you'll start saving right away and enjoy lower heating bills year after year.

If your home was built with electric heat and does not have a chimney, you can still switch. Munhall installs modern "direct-vent" Oilheat systems that can vent through a sidewall instead of a chimney.

If you'd like to convert to Oilheat, please give us a call today or contact us.
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